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My daughter Athena and granddaughter Claire moved in with my wife and me last August when one of life’s circumstances brought them to us. At the time Claire was seventeen months old and a healthy little girl overall but she did have a touch of anemia; which, is now long gone. August for me was my one year anniversary with SuperNatural Pops and I normally eat at least five or six of them a day and it didn’t take long for Claire to start asking in her own way for a bite of my pops.

Within two weeks we were cutting up SuperNatural Pops for Claire what seemed like all day. We would put a couple pieces of pops on her high chair tray and they would disappear and Claire would ask for more. I’m not sure how many words Claire says since she seems to learn a couple of new ones every day but the one I hear the most from her now as she points at the freezer or sits in her high chair is “Pops”.

When I speak of SuperNatural Pops for Claire I am really talking about two separate items. SuperNatural Pops and SuperNatural Pop Bits; which, are two different forms of the exact same thing. Shortly after Claire’s arrival it was clear that I had to do something to make it easier for Claire to eat my SuperNatural Pops because cutting four or five pops up per day for her was becoming tedious and messy. She was not yet really capable of holding the stick so we would give her pieces. My wife came home from the grocery store one day with a silicone ice cube tray that she thought might make a good fill in for the pop molds that I normally used to make a bite sized SuperNatural Pop that was easy for Claire to eat out of hand and SuperNatural Pop Bits were born. Since Claire eats both whole SuperNatural Pops and many SuperNatural Pop Bits now I’ll just call them SuperNatural Pops for simplicity.

It is amazing how many SuperNatural Pops this cute little girl wolfs down in a day. She eats at least one, often two and sometimes more in the morning. She will then eat a few at different intervals during the day along with some fruit, crackers and the other foods Athena feeds her. Still even with a full meal in front of her, Claire demands SuperNatural Pops and will eat them before anything else.

claire w-SuperPop2

To say that Claire is thriving on her diet would be such a huge understatement. As I mentioned above when she came to us she had a touch of anemia and was supposed to take supplement drops to help get her blood iron level right which she both hated and made her sick. Claire was eating so many SuperNatural Pops that I told Athena that they should help her iron level since the ingredients are very high in iron and have all of the supporting minerals to help them assimilate the iron into Claire’s system. When Claire had her blood test after one month of being on the SuperNatural Pops diet she had gone from a low nine to a high ten in her blood iron level with the goal being twelve. After four months she was perfectly normal and the supplement drops were supposed to take no less than six months.



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