easy-greens2All over the world and in all walks of life our mothers have always told us to eat our greens.  It’s a fairly universal message with a fairly universal response of “YUCK” from both parents and kids.

Let’s face it greens just are not the best tasting foods on the planet but we all know that they are the healthiest foods and we can all stand to eat more of them in our diets. 

Good Life Healthy Foods has found a way to make the best greens, those highest in nutrition on the ANDI scale, not only palatable to moms, dads and children so they will at least eat them, but so tasty they all come back for more. 

We have managed to do it in a “SuperNatural Pop” that is 100% organic and loaded with the best dark leafy greens, fruits, berries, seeds and nuts on the planet in their most healthy “raw” form.

Claire w-SuperPop1We have heard a lot of people say that they don’t eat or can’t stand leafy greens but have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t understand the importance that they play in our overall health and well being. 

It’s amazing to see a person who devoutly hates greens when they eat a SuperNatural Pop wondering what it is the first time and then coming back later asking for more. 

It is even more fun when we tell them that one SuperNatural Pop contains a full serving of greens and can actually replace an entire meal all in about 75 calories while retaining a certain “treat” quality about them.

It’s great to see parents eating SuperNatural Pops and giving them to their children without having to say “Eat your greens they’re good for you” since the kids just like them anyways.  It’s just so cool!

Eat Your Greens and while you’re at it Enjoy the Good Life!


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