Weight Loss

Making Your Calories Work For You

Diet, exercise and proper rest not “dieting” as we have come to know it is the key to achieving and maintaining an optimal weight and build.  

So many “diets” come and go ranging from weight loss pills, many of which have proven too dangerous to even stay on the market, different shakes that try to make the body feel full and replace some nutrients, deprivation diets that remove healthy food groups and a host of other “just eat these things” diets.  All of these “diets” have one thing in common they deprive the body of nutrients that it dearly wants and needs in order to stay healthy.  The end result for the vast majority of “dieters” is a temporary weight loss followed by binge eating and weight gain as the body tries to get back to equilibrium.

How are SuperNatural Pops different?

To begin with SuperNatural Pops are not a “diet” program!  SuperNatural Pops are a very good start to a healthy diet that makes calories work for the individual.  

What does it mean: “Making Calories Work for You”?

It all starts with a concept called Nutrient Density which essentially works by maximizing the amount of actual-usable nutrition with a minimal number of calories.  The most nutrient dense foods are vegetables especially leafy green ones, followed by legumes, fresh fruit (and fresh frozen or raw-dehydrated but not canned fruits), whole grains, raw seeds and nuts, fish and then meats and dairy.   

The idea is that we need whole, unprocessed and preferably organic foods from all of these groups to maintain maximum health with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables with less meats and dairy and a complete minimization (or better yet elimination) of processed and fried foods.

How do SuperNatural Pops fit into this concept?

To begin, SuperNatural Pops are a carefully formulated blend of organic fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, berries, seeds and nuts.  SuperNatural Pops provide more nutrition than an average meal with only about 75 calories.  In short SuperNatural Pops are a perfect snack or meal replacement to maximize weight loss ability in a sustainable fashion with maximum health and energy.


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