Dear Friends,

Richard-Kirsten-AbbyOur family’s journey to what is now Good Life Healthy Foods LLC has been long and at times a little scary however we have learned a lot and and it has been very rewarding.

Our journey started in September of 2010 with a business plan and a goal to raise enough money to go to retail immediately; which is where my experience in marketing is very strong. It took about a year and a half to learn (the hard way) that although I’m pretty well versed in product development and marketing; I know nothing about convincing investors to fund a new venture. After many trials and
tribulations my family and I decided on our last dimes to get “The Good Life” started from our home.

SuperNatural Pops are frozen treats that are packed with incredible nutritional benefits. Made from a blend of the freshest organic juices, fruits, leafy greens, seeds, nuts and berries so perfectly balanced SuperNatural Pops can be a complete and incredibly healthy diet on their own. The best part is kids and adults alike love to eat them just for the flavor!

Why SuperNatural? While contemplating what name would definethis product, I assessed their attributes: they’re incredibly (super) healthy; they are not only all natural but are also unprocessed and organic which makes them super natural. The term supernatural is a word unto itself and its definition describes our product very well – out of this world, divine – SuperNatural in the one word capitalized as two words became a natural choice and SuperNatural Pops were born.

Dates and agave nectar are currently used as a sweetener in all of the flavors. Dates contain a simple invert sugar that is bound with fiber for a slower absorption rate into the body. This property makes them an ideal choice as a sweetener for SuperNatural Pops and particularly for our friends with blood sugar concerns. Organic-raw agave nectar was the original sweetener used in SuperNatural Pops and is a good choice for those who do not have to worry so much about blood sugar control. Each sweetener has its own flavor and texture profile that lends itself well to SuperNatural Pops.

We are a “grass roots” startup company with big dreams and a good working knowledge of how to achieve those dreams once we get the proverbial ball rolling. We are requesting your assistance and support to get this started. For those who live near our home based headquarters in Glendora, California, SuperNatural Pops are currently offered for sale at a price of $24.00 per dozen. For those not near enough to purchase SuperNatural Pops directly, any kind of support you can give is appreciated.

Our Facebook page is currently active My daughter Athena is managing the Facebook page and has been instrumental in this project. She and I will be working very closely together to keep the SuperNatural Pops flowing.

We look forward to sharing the good life with you and your families. We look forward to seeing you on Facebook and are always available by email.

Many thanks for your support,

Richard Robinson
Good Life Healthy Foods


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