What in the world are SuperNatural Pops?

Let’s start with a couple of simple definitions:
Su-per: An article or product of superior size, quality or grade.
Nat-u-ral: Present in or produced by nature.

Thinking of these two words together one day to describe a not only natural but organic, raw, all plant based and perfectly balanced food I had an epiphany:

Su-per-nat-u-ral: Of or relating to existence outside the natural world. Attributed to a power that seems to violate or go beyond natural forces. Of or relating to the miraculous.

When I started thinking about the words super, natural and then supernatural later combined to SuperNatural I thought this is perfect. We have out of this world nutrition and divine taste in a superior snack or meal replacement that is made with all organic, raw, plant based foods that are completely un-processed. You can’t get more natural than that in my mind. With those things in mind, Super was combined with Natural to create SuperNatural and since they are Pops, that got added for the ride.

Now, what are SuperNatural Pops?

SuperNatural Pops are a simple combination of all organic and raw fresh squeezed fruit juice, fruit, a blend of high nutrient density leafy green vegetables, agave nectar or dates (sweeteners), seeds and nuts. The highest quality ingredients above are blended to perfection and flash frozen in our pop molds to create what we consider to be the perfect treat.

Out of this world nutrition and incredible taste! We did it SuperNaturally!

Cheers and here’s to the good life,

Richard Robinson



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